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Mon, Mar 22, 2004

Copywriting, Internet Marketing

By: John Elder
Market-Tek Enterprises, Inc.

Hello, and a happy Monday to you (well, happy if you work at your own Internet business at least – not so happy if you’re punching a clock somewhere!).

Last week I talked about the two main ways to make money online.

They were:

-Increase the number of visitors to your site (and thus increase sales).


-Make your web site better; better at converting visitors into buyers… so that the same number of site visitors buys more products or buys more often.

Today I want to talk about number two… to make your web site better at selling.

For the next few issues I’m going to give you examples of ways that you can make your site sell better.

First off, your web site should be a long copy sales letter. That means that your site should basically just be a long sales letter….that’s it.

All sales letters have the same basic design. They start with a headline, then the body, then the close.

If I’ve completely lost you, take a look at this web site:

That is an example of a HIGHLY successful long copy sales letter.

See how it starts with a headline:

“It’s All For Nothing If You Can’t Get People To Your Web Site”

Then proceeds into the sales letter…interspersed with customer testimonials, then the close (Order Secure Online Here).

That’s a pretty good example of what your web site should look like online (the basic format).

Graphics don’t really matter all that much, you should focus 100% on the sales letter. If it has a headline that grabs the reader’s attention and sucks them into reading the sales letter, then you’ve got it made in the shade.

That’s a big secret of making cashola on the Internet….you’ve got to sell using a sales letter driven web sites.

Learning to write a good sales letter is something that you should focus on doing more than anything else online.

The good thing is, you can learn to write killer sales letters fairly cheaply. You don’t have to buy expensive courses or take college level classes.

I can recommend a few excellent books to you that will do the job, all very cheap (under 20 or 30 bucks) and most available at

If you’ve been on my list for long or know me personally, you know I’m a HUGE disciple of Robert Collier.

Collier was a master salesman from the 1930′s who’s book is sort of the bible for writing sales letters. It’s
aptly titled:

The Robert Collier Letter Book
-click here to learn about it –

Just to name a few chapters in this book:

Chapter 1 – What is it that makes some letters pay
Chapter 8 – How to put a hook into your letters
Chapter 11 – Taking the Guess out of advertising
Chapter 14 – The Ideal sales Letter
Chapter 2 – How To Arouse That Acquisitive Feeling

I highly recommend that book. It was out of print for years and copies often sold on ebay for $150 – $200 each, now it’s been reprinted and you can pick it up for under $30 bucks.

It’s criminal not to read this book….over and over and over again. It’s 460 odd pages of priceless insight into the high art of selling using sales letters….

Head over to the web site for that book and read the first chapter that’s posted there for free.

Next week I’ll be talking about things to do to your sales letter web site that can increase sales response immediately.

John Elder
Editor, WebPromotion-Weekly

We had huge feedback about last week’s free gift! Most of you really enjoyed it! What a great book isn’t it!?

Today, same gift. P.T. Barnum’s 20 Golde Ruls of Making Money.

Plus, this week the audio version is up and ready to be downloaded. If you don’t feel like reading the eBook, download the audio version and listen away. It’s about an hour and a half long…

Narrated by our own John Alexander…I highly recommend it!

Golden Rules of Making Money

You can read all about it at the web site:

I hope you enjoy both these 2 free gifts, Next week’s gift is going to knock you off your feet – I think you’ll really dig it!

- John Elder

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