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   John Elder - Publisher Issue #156 - Monday February 28, 2006
In This Issue

  • Featured Article: Follow-up Scheduling For Massive Profit

  • This week's free Gift For You

  • Recommended Resource

  • Useful free Traffic Tidbits

Follow-up Scheduling For Massive Profit
By: John Elder


How are things in your neck of the woods these days? Winter treating you ok? My little brother and his new wife just returned to America this weekend from Sri Lanka...where she's from and where they've lived for the last 7 months. We're all very happy to have them back!

In Last Week's Issue I talked to you about follow-up marketing and how you could be losing a ton of sales if you don't do it.

This week I want to talk expand on that just a little bit.

So last week I told you to follow-up and keep selling things over and over to your past customers, for years to come.

We do this because it's easier to get someone who's bought something from you in the past to buy something else from you in the future, than it is to go find a totally brand new customer and convince them to buy something from you for the first time.

But how often should you follow-up with sales pitches?

These people are your past customers...you don't want to nag them to death....you don't want them to feel that you never do anything but blast them with sales messages.

There's a definite art to the follow-up. There are ways to send a sales letter and there are ways to send a sales letter!

First, let's create a time table. Let's say once per month you are going to contact your past customers....all of them.

You can contact them through the mail, or through email. Frankly, I preach Internet Marketing so you'd think I favor email.....but for this, I prefer regular snail mail.

Why? because people get so much spam email, it's very hard to get your message through. Heck these days, it's hard to even get past the spam blocker software that everyone seems to be using. It's not impossible, just hard.

That's why I like snail mail... it costs a little more, but you can really stand out from everyone else this way.

Don't get me wrong, I recommend email too....(you might opt to send one snail mail message per month and one email message per month)....it's just that snail mail gives you more flexibility and so that's what we'll focus on in this article.

So you're going to send out 12 sales letters or sales "promo's" per year (one per month x 12 months).

This should be a major part of your business....you should spend a lot of time...maybe even MOST of your time, creating these sales promo's....tweaking them, testing them, tracking responses to them to see which one's work the best.....

Get your promo's down...understand what sort of responses you can expect from each one, and you can literally become filthy stinkin' rich.

Why is that? Because if you know that every time you send out promo number 4 to 100 past customers, it pulls in 7 sales (worth $57 dollars each), and every time you send out promo number 9 to 100 past customers it pulls in around 3 order (worth $162 each) and so on and so on, then you can easily determine what a customer is "worth" to you over the long run.

If you know that every customer you receive is going to (on average) spend $63 dollars per year with you (based on the calculations you've come up with by watching your 12 follow-up promo's over the year).... then you know that you can spend up to $63 dollars on advertising PER PERSON to get a new customer!

Which makes getting new customers SUPER EASY...


Well, suppose you spent $1,200 on a radio advertisement and it brought in 22 new customers that bought $20 dollars worth of stuff from you right away. Sounds crappy doesn't it? $1,200 to get 22 customers who only spent a total of $440! (looks like the ad lost money right?)

But, you know that those 22 customers will go on to buy an average of $63 each over the next year because of all the tried and proven promos that you'll be mailing them over the course of the year...and 22 people time $63 each equals $1,386

So your ad was a success after all....

Of course, those numbers will be different based on your situation, and are not guaranteed....but you get the idea...you can start to see how powerful this concept can be!

Let's say you're a dentist, and you create a follow-up program for your patients...and you determine that based on your follow-up numbers that you've seen over the last year...that your follow-up program averages $450 profit for each person you mail to. (dentists have higher fee's hence the higher average).

So you know, that every new patient you get will bring in about $450 per year in new income....

Knowing this, wouldn't it be easy to go to each of the local lawyers, cpa's, bankers etc of your town and offer them $400 for each new patient they refer to you?

You can do this because based on your follow-up system, you know you'll come out ahead....and create a ton of new clients that will continue to make you money for the next decade as long as you perform a good service.

And do you think those lawyers, bankers, cpa's etc will be eager to refer THEIR customers to you? YOU BET! $400 per referral could be the easiest money they ever made! And nothing works better than word of mouth recommendations to get new customers

I could talk for days on this subject...there's just so many possibilities.... hopefully you start to see why I love the concept of follow-up so much, and hopefully you start to implement your own follow-up system.

Drop me an email if you'd like to schedule some time to talk with me about your own follow-up possibilities....

That's all for this week. See you next Monday!

John Elder
Editor, WebPromotion-Weekly

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This week's f.r.e.e gift is an eBook that I know you'll enjoy. It's called "Google Secrets" and it teaches you everything you need to know to get your web site listed at Google.

I don't just give you theory or guesses...this information comes straight from the people at Google.

I highly recommend you download it right now!


I'd like to get to know you better. If you'd take a minute or two and drop me an email letting me know who you are and what you do, I'd really appreciate it.

If you ever have any questions about any article I write, or if you just have a question about promoting your web site or making more m.oney with your current web site, please email me anytime.

You can get a hold of me here:

And if you enjoy the newsletter, be sure to tell your friends! (and link to us too!)

- John Elder

Editor & Publisher: John Elder
Contributing Writer: John Alexander

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